Berlin Tee Sew-Along

by Lindsay Crownhart

Day 3

November 30, 2018

I’m going to be honest with you guys… today is my LEAST favorite day. Tracing the pattern, cutting out the pattern and then cutting out the fabric. UGHHHH. To top it off I have been sick. Blah!

 When can we get to sewing right?! Tomorrow, that’s when! Today I would love to see some of your cut out pieces of fabric. Can you see it coming together now? It makes me excited. Here are my fabric and pattern pieces:  

In the facebook group today, please share some pictures of your cut out fabric and I would also LOVE to know where you live and what is your favorite place to buy fabric. Mine are TKB Prints & Flying Pigs. I am in love with how their fabrics match an array of prints. 

Don’t forget the hashtag #BerlinSALday3