Day 1

December 1, 2016

By Kelly Nicholas

Since we are rolling along in the Berlin Sew A Long, I wanted to kick off this series with my sons favorite modified Berlin and highlight the spikes I made.

The spikes are super easy, they just take a little time! I used Pellon 950F Interfacing on one side of the spike to help them stand up and not fall flat. I started with the largest triangle. I decided size based on what would look good on my sons head. For each size you need 4 pieces to make 2 spikes. Put right sides together, sew along the two sides leading to the point, clip your corners and turn. (To get a crisp point I recommend using a sewing machine over a serger. ) after turning, press your spike flats.

I lined mine up on the mirrored hood pieces, but you could also line the spikes up on the middle hood piece to make sure they’re even. Line the spikes up along the hood, raw edges together. Baste them in place so they don’t move during hood assembly.

Then assemble your hood like normal and once you turn your hood, press your spikes out flat!

This is an easy hack that will make any little (or bigger) dino/dragon lover happy!

“The spikes are super easy, they just take a little time! “