Day 3

December 3, 2018

By Kelly Nicholas

Upcycling For Colorblocking – from Pants to Shirt

I love the excitement of getting new fabric for a project, and there are so many amazing fabric companies out there to choose from! But I also try to find ways to reduce the amount of waste we produce and stay within my SAHM budget. Using gently worn or unused clothing to create something new is just one way I manage this!

Last year, my MIL got my son a cute outfit for our Polar Express ride. The pants were not something he would wear all the time and they didn’t fit very well to start, but I just couldn’t bring myself to toss or donate them because I am MAD FOR PLAID.

A short time later, Katy over at Thread & Grain put out this “Merry & Bright” SVG file and I got bit by the inspiration bug!


Take apart a pair of no longer used pants and use the fabric for some awesome color blocking additions

I gently took the leggings apart at the seams and removed the cuffs and elastic from the waistband (cuffs became wristbands on an other project!). For his size, I was able to cut the two mirrored pieces of the hood and up to the short sleeve cut line on the sleeves. I did have to colorblock the hood a little in the front for it to be long enough (which you can see in one photo in the comments below), but I think it is a cool design element.


“So little Beast gets a cool one of a kind holiday look, and Momma gets to prolong the life of last years outfit!”