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-How To Add a Faux Fly-


My 14 year old son is handsome, strong willed, smart, independent… and mouthy.  So when it comes to life (and especially style) he leaves nothing unsaid. You never have to guess what he’s thinking because he will blurt it out before you even ask. Warranted or not, I listen to his style woes.  Street and skater wear is totally his style so I didn’t hesitate when I seen the Toby K Rogue River Joggers.  I knew they would satisfy my teen who’s often unimpressed with his Mom-made clothes.











AND I’m totally capable of making him sweet clothes his friends would be jealous of. Besides the fact that I had to prove him wrong.

Ok, It’s no secret pleasing my son has always been difficult so I made these EXACTLY as he requested. The only changes I made to the pattern were adding a faux fly and pocket bags -versus the patch pockets.  Today I’m just going to show you how to do the faux fly, which is surprisingly quick and easy to add to any pattern.

Take your front pattern piece (the original curve is shown in red) and extend the waist horizontally however wide you want the finished fly to be -including seam allowance.  I added 2″ to this pair.  Follow the crotch curve as best as you can while still making the new line straight.  The bottom of the faux fly should stop at around 2/3 of the length of the total curve.  ✂ Cut out your new front pieces, place right sides together and sew around your new faux fly and down the entire crotch.  You can sew it with your machine first then finish the edges with a serger, but I just skip right to the serger. At this point it’s looking pretty funny but it’s almost done!



Open your pants so the right sides are facing up, place the faux fly to the wearers left and overlap it (however much you added to begin with.) Pin and edge-stitch into place down the opening of the fly.  Sew around the fly curve and back up to the waist.  To mimic store bought pants you can sew the fly curve again at 1/4” like I did here.  To polish off the look I used a narrow zigzag to create a bar-tack. The last photo shows the wrong side of the fabric. Everything lays flat and looks nice and clean.



Continue to finish your pants as instructed in your pattern and they’re done!  How easy was that!? This simple faux fly can take any pair of pants to the next level. 








And just like that… I have a happy teenager!  He’s already talking about his next pair ★ Which means I nailed it!!