Thank you to An of Diskordia’s Curvy Sewing for this piece on her husband’s Kodiak! Fun Fact: did you know that Green wasn’t always the color associated with St. Patrick? In the early depictions of St. Patrick, his robes were BLUE. There is a shade of blue officially recognized by Pantone as St. Patrick’s Blue (Go here to see it) . George III used the blue for the 18th Century Order of St. Patrick. In 1541, King Henry VII used a Irish coat of arms containing a blue flag with a gold Irish harp. He was the first English King of Ireland and as blue symbols became more associated with English rule, the use of green rose to be a symbol of rebellion. Eventually the use of green became more wide spread  and was associated with not only the rebellion- but also symbolic of Ireland’s Emerald landscape. During the 1798 Irish Rebellion, the shamrock rose as a symbol of nationalism and was commonly seen being worn on lapels. This became known as “the wearing of the green”. St. Patrick’s Blue is now reserved for historical relics and textbooks; while green has taken over as the widely accepted color of the holiday celebrating the feast of the venerated saint.  You can read more about St. Patrick and the blue hue here and here.

Hi! I’m Diskordia from Diskordia’s Curvy Sewing . I’ve been sewing for 6 years and blogging about my makes for 2 years. I mainly sew for myself and my hubbie. I really really enjoy making men’s clothes, so I’m very happy to be a guest blogger for Toby K today! The concept was to make a St. Patrick’s Day themed item. So I picked out the Kodiak and double faced fleece, which was a different kind of green on each side! I did my picking and sewing after dark. The day after in daylight I noticed my green Kodiak turned blue! LOL Being a tad color blind and bad lighting makes for a blue St. Patrick’s Day! I guess hubbie will need to celebrate undercover? Or perhaps it’s a happy little historically accuracte accident?

IMG_1370 (Groot)
I had a lot of fun sewing up this kodiak tho. I made it rather difficult on myself with the double faced fleece being so thick, but my machine didn’t even blink once! 😀 The fit is spot on! I think he’ll be wearing this a lot this spring. We go to the woods daily with our dog and it’s always a bit colder there than in the streets. It’ll be great for that! I’ll probably make him another one in a while in a thin french terry, for when it gets a bit warmer here. He chose the hood for this one, cause his ears are always cold. A lined double-faced fleece hood should sort that out just fine haha.

IMG_1363 (Groot)
This was my first experience with a Toby K pattern and I really liked it! 🙂 There’s something about sewing for men. First off, you get to order more fabric cause he’ll need to pick fabrics or you’ll need to pick them for him. Nobody really knows what you order tho. Can happen that a few fabrics for yourself fall into your basket. Odd things do happend. Other than self gain, sewing for men is just so fun. I always sew all the men in my inner circle stuff for their bday and christmas. I actually might use the Kodiak as my christmas pattern for all the men ;).

I hope you had fun reading my ramblings and I really hope you’ll make your husband a Kodiak too! He deserves one and you deserve more fabric haha! 😀