Thank you to Dhee from The Fab Clique for joining us for this weeks Guest Blogger Spot!


When Toby K Patterns announced that they are in need of bloggers, I hesitated to join at first. Writing is something I’m not very good at but I know in my heart that I can definitely do the sewing. So I took the challenge and thought long and hard on how I will approach this task. First, I needed to decide the pattern to use. Second, the fabric choice that is suitable for my husband.

Angelo’s closet consists of hoodies and band shirts. And I knew that the Berlin Tee pattern would be a great fit for him and that it’s something he would wear. Although the pattern has different options (hooded, assymetrical hem, longsleeves, v-neck, and thumbhole options), I decided to use the basic crew neck for all of my sew. I styled it with different fabric bases and prints to show how one pattern can be transformed into different looks.

So for the first shirt, I used a print that’s familiar to him. I chose a camo rib knit jersey. It has a nice drape and flow and is really great for everyday use. The fabric print is so common that he didnt mind wearing it instead of his band shirts.

For the 2nd shirt, I had upped the look. A plain shirt looks basic enough but with a crocodile print/ faux leather print for a sleeve made it more modern and more masculine. He didn’t mind that he is wearing an animal print and he did say he feels like a rockstar wearing it.

Next shirt, I had to sneak in a touch of dbp floral on the sleeve. He looked at it and said, “Yeah, i think I can wear this!” And he actually wore it to the mall.

For the last shirt, and one of my favorite, I used an oversized pink/mint floral print on ITY. I love this look since the ITY has a silk/shiny effect that the shirt looks semi casual. He didnt even mind the floral as it looks really cool when he wore it. It suits him. Definitely something out of his comfort zone but it still worked!

I love the basic tee option that is included in the Berlin Pattern. With the right fabric and the right print, this pattern can turn a basic tee into a not so basic tee.

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