We love having Emily in the Toby K community! And this modification for the Rogue River Joggers is perfect for the warm weather coming our way!


Hi all, I’m Emily (Emily Igo Stevens on Facebook), and I’m so excited to be on the Toby K blog today to share our beach picnic and a quick hack for the Rogue Joggers!


The Berlin Tee has been a long-standing favorite in our house – Damien loves the fit, and it is packed with so many versatile options.  The Rogue River Joggers are new to me, and I definitely am going to need to snag the men’s pattern after how nicely the kid’s one worked up.


I loved the colors in the double brushed polyester I used for their tops for a fun, summer vibe, and the striated Liverpool for Lawrence’s jogger shorts looks a bit dressier without losing any comfort or durability for an active toddler. Both fabric choices came from Amelia Lane Designs!


I went for the reinforced knee option on Lawrence’s Rogue River Joggers, since he just turned three and loves to climb everything! I did the inseam front pockets on these, and might give the back zipper pockets a try on a pair in the near future. The Rogue Rivers don’t have a shorts length, but this was a super quick and easy hack to get summer-ready!


Here’s what I did:

  1. On the front leg, measure down 2 ⅜” from the bottom knee accent line and draw a “shorts length” line. (⅜” is for the seam allowance, and 2” are for hemming per the directions)
  2. Measure from the line you just drew to the “stop here for zipper” line. You’re going to use this measurement to draw your “shorts” line on the back pattern piece, ½” for me on Lawrence’s size.
  3. Measure up from the “stop here for zipper” line on the back pattern piece using the number you just got (again, ½” for me).
  4. Draw a “shorts length” line at this point.
  5. Cut your fabric using your “shorts” line! Here’s what mine looked like, since I did the reinforced knee patches. I find it helpful to put a Wonderclip at the top edge of my pieces to make sure I keep them right side up.
  6. Follow the pattern directions to assemble your options. When you get to the hem, you will be stitching over your reinforced knee patch if you made that selection. I started my stitch lines for the knee patch at the bottom, so the spacing worked out to stitch right over one of those again for the hem!


I am so in love with the knee patch detail, so am thrilled that it was so easy to preserve and get some fun shorts for Lawrence in the process!

Their Berlin tees are crew neck and short sleeved, since I am on a mission to replace all of Damien’s really old ready-to-wear tees these days! I have a few more cut out to sew up soon, and some fabric about to be ordered so we can make the big-kid version of these shorts for him, too.

If you give this hack a try, please share it in the Toby K Patterns Facebook group! I’d love to see your take on them.