Thank you to Linda for sharing her Charleston Vest with us!

My husband doesn’t get much me-made clothing. He thinks he can buy cheaper. For casual clothes, that is correct. For formal clothing though, it is almost cheaper when I sew. And it fits better than ready to wear. I did sew for him a couple of times. He rarely wears it.

If there is a new men’s pattern released I always ask him if he likes the style and if it’s something he want me to sew. Almost always I get the: don’t bother, I’ll buy it cheaper. And he always finds something he doesn’t like…

Last winter though, he bought a formal suit through Ali/Wish. And guess what? It didn’t fit!!

‘If you want to, you can sew me a formal vest. I want it to be black (of course) and you can make the lining whatever style you want’ he said.

Yay for me!! I bet I can get a pop of color in it…

But for my first time formal wear I think it’s better to be on the safe side. I had some satin lining fabric lying around which I hadn’t had a purpose for. The outer fabric I searched and searched. But couldn’t find anything that I liked and had the requirements he wanted. Our local weekly market had this wonderful georgette fabric. Not wrinkled, easy to wash, and always keeps his black color.

The recommended interfacing was Pellon or Legacy. Both of them are not available in the Netherlands. Luckily I have a friend with a fabric store and she knows her way around quilting. She had the interfacing I needed (G700) .

From printing to cutting fabric it was all very easy and clearly written. It is important to make sure you  transfer all markings (I forgot 1 and it had me wondering why I was sewing the wrong side to the right side).
But when it was time to sew it got under the sewing pile. I was procrastinating to sew the vest. Why? Because I was a little scared. But timing is essential and I had a hard deadline. Because I not only needed to sew, but also had to blog about it. And taking photo’s of someone who doesn’t like to be in front (or back) of the camera… (that’s why I can’t publish photo’s where he is recognizable)

With persuasion of the deadline I sat down and break it down to various steps. That worked and in no-time I had finished it off!

Ready before Easter in our church and way before our sons  7th birthday. Hubby said he liked the vest. That is a huge compliment coming from him.