Dinkytown Adult 4-Way Beanie




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This versatile hat pattern comes in 3 sizes for teens and adults (Kid’s pattern available here). It is a fully lined and reversible single hat that can be worn four different ways: slouchy with matching band, slouchy with a contrasting band, fitted beanie with contrasting band, and fitted beanie with matching band.
There are two fabric pieces in this pattern. The main piece is longer and wraps around to create the band of the hat. No matter how you wear the hat, the main piece will always show. The accent piece is shorter and only shows when wearing the hat with the accent piece outward and will have a contrasting band of the main fabric.
The Dinkytown Beanie pattern is created with layers, meaning you can print only your size by unselecting the other sizes in Adobe Acrobat. The pages are trimless and easy to line up and assemble accurately. See Page 4 for more information on printing and assembling the pattern.
This pattern requires a knit fabric with at least 30% stretch. Fleece or other thick fabric is fine for one of the layers, but if you measure near the top of a size range you may need to size up. If you are using a thinner fabric, stay with the size you measure for.
Seam allowances are 3/8” unless otherwise noted. This can be made using a sewing machine or serger, though if you use a sewing machine be sure to use a stretch stitch.
This pattern is for personal and small business use only. You may sell products created from this pattern, but the pattern itself and tutorial are not to be reproduced or shared.
This tutorial contains hyperlinks making it easy to jump to pages you need while using it digitally. You can also print it if desired.
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